Educational Technology Services


We provide support for a number of technologies to facilitate teaching and learning on campus. We'll ensure you have the correct training, understand best practices and have the resources you'll need to set up and maintain a successful integration of a technology to support student learning in your course.

We'll help you:

  • Determine the best fit of technologies to meet your needs
  • Get your course set up in our Learning Management System including any associated accounts
  • Determine guidelines on successful course design
  • We'll ensure you receive the training you need before and during your course delivery.
  • We'll provide guidance to ensure that your course materials are designed with accessibility in mind.
  • Create an introductory video for your course
  • Facilitate a streamlined experience for both you and your students when recording lectures and publishing them directly into your course.
  • Learn how our tools can help engage students in the class environment
  • Choose the right collaboration tools to facilitate group work or reach out to a virtual audience.
  • Implement useful tools to assess student learning
  • Evaluate how your course is meeting the outcomes you have set out to achieve




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