Turn up the volume in your class


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What it Does

Let your students be heard clearer


Without a microphone, it can be difficult to hear students in a large classroom. Repeating each students question through your microphone can take up time and make the student feel singled out. The Catchbox can be thrown around in a class, opening up the floor and allowing everyone to be heard.

Create connections with peers


By throwing around the Catchbox, you can easily break the ice in a typically tense environment and lighten the mood in a lecture. Encouraging participation becomes more of a game and in turn it's relaxed and fun. This allows even the quietest students to be heard by their peers.

Create discussion and participation


Class should be about engagement, participation, and discussion in conjunction with receiving information. With the Catchbox getting students to participate becomes as easy as throwing them the box. When you encourage discussion, everyone gets a chance to project their opinions.

Student Testimonials

"It’s a good way to give a clearer voice to quieter students through an entertaining method."

"It’s very interactive! I can hear all of my classmates ideas. Everyone has a chance to share their opinions. It’s fun, so let's keep it."

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