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eLearning Webinars

From getting started in Moodle to Gradebook creation, explore 13 webinars supporting your course development.

JUNE 18, 2020

Getting Started with Moodle


During this session participants learned about Login, find course, navigating the interface, share a document with students, send announcement, turn editing, notification settings.

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JUNE 24, 2020

Adding Content to your Course


During this session participants learned about adding various types of content (text, images, URL, videos, documents) using a Book, File, Folder, Label, Page, Tab display and URL resources.

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JULY 3, 2020

Group Management


During this session participants learned about creating groups manually as well as automatically and its application in a forum and assignment activities. In addition, application of grouping in conjunction with groups in a Moodle activity was disucssed.

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JULY 6, 2020



During this session participants learned about setting up a Zoom meeting as well as related functionalities to offer their course synchronously and accessing cloud recordings as well as reports.

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JULY 13, 2020

Lecture Recording


During this session participants learned about using TechSmith Relay to record their lectures asynchronously. In addition, differences between Zoom and TechSmith Relay was discussed.

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JULY 21, 2020

Discussion Forum


During this session participants learned about adding a Discussion forum to their course including an overview of different forum types, subscription options, locking forum as well as setting threshold for blocking. Participants also learned about posting a forum message, sending notification without delay, adding an attaching, Pinning a discussion post, subscribing/unsubscribing from a post/forum, staring a post as well locking them from further activity.

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JULY 27, 2020



Participants learned about adding a quiz to their course and setup grading criteria with practical tips and best practice advice along the way. Other topics covered during this session include: adding different kinds of questions in the quiz, creating and organizing a bank of questions in the question bank, creating categories and importing questions to categories, randomizing questions in the quiz and shuffling questions.

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JULY 29, 2020

Moodle Assignment


During this webinar, participants learned about configuring and grading an assignment activity with practical tips and best practice advice along the way. The following topics were covered during the session: adding and configuring an assignment, student submission, grading student submission, giving annotated feedback as well as text, audio and video feedback, using comments to communicate with the student and using marking workflow to hide grade/feedback from students while the submissions were graded.

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AUGUST 5, 2020



Turnitin can be used to generate a similarity report to visualize what percentage of submitted paper matches other sources. During this session participants learned about adding and configuring a Turnitin assignment, rubrics for evaluation, interpreting similarity reports and providing feedback using using quickmarks, and other options. Demonstration of a student submission was also covered during this session.

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AUGUST 17, 2020



During this session participants learned about creating a Crowdmark assignment in Moodle as well as directly on the Crowdmark website. In addition, adding students, markers, setting up an assignment, distributing, grading and providing feedback were also covered during this session.

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AUGUST 27, 2020



Participants learned about various features of the gradebook during this webinar. This included setting up a gradebook, grading offline activities, exporting and importing grades, assigning weights to grade items as well as exploring different options to display grades as an integer, letter or percentage.

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Promising practices for online teaching

Review panel discussions where faculty members discuss lessons learned about assessment practices, etiquette, student engagement, and equity in online teaching and learning.

JUNE 23, 2020

Assessment Practices


During this session panelist members from across the faculty shared their assessment practices and lessons learned while teaching online.

Presenters: Monique Herbert (Psychology), Nicolette Richardson (Kinesiology), and Anne Moore (Kinesiology).

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JUNE 25, 2020

Etiquette in Online Learning


This session focused on how instructors can plan for and facilitate online classes that encourage civil, respectful interactions. Considerations for synchronous and asynchronous course activities are discussed, as well as strategies for setting, communicating, and managing expectations for how students will engage with instructors and among themselves.

Presenters: Rose Steele (Nursing), Monique Herbert (Psychology), and Olga Stein (Kinesiology).

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JULY 2, 2020

Student Engagement Online


During this session panelist members from across the faculty shared their practices and strategies used to encourage student engagement in an online learning environment. Synchronous and asynchronous activities were discussed such as social hubs using Zoom breakout rooms, interactive learning content (using h5P), demonstration videos, and the use of wikis, blogs, and discussion forums for collaborative learning.

Presenters: Lynda van Dreumel (Health Policy & Management), Maxwell Barranti (Psychology) and Anne Moore (Kinesiology).

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JULY 6, 2020

Equity in Online Learning


This session explored how instructors may integrate principles and practices related to equitable course design, delivery, and assessments. Considerations of strategies for equity and access for online courses were discussed along with potential strategies for sharing and facilitating conversations about topics related to equity and inclusion.

Presenters: Olga Stein (Kinesiology) and Lynda van Dreumel (Health Policy & Management).

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AUGUST 6, 2020

Experiential education (EE) for remote/online teaching


This session focused on how instructors can adapt their face-to-face classroom EE activities to remote/online delivery. Strategies for engaging students and creating a safe space to learn are also discussed.

Presenters: Beryl F. Pilkington (Global Health and Nursing) and Harvey A Skinner (Psychology and Global Health).

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AUGUST 14, 2020

Making your course more accessible


During this session, educational developers and learning technology specialist shared some practical tips and best practices for making the course more accessible during remote delivery. Topics discussed included Inclusive teaching practices and UDL principles, accessible instructional content, and practical tips for setting up the Moodle site.

Presenters: Lisa Endersby, Yasaman Delaviz, and Sairam Chinnam

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AUGUST 19, 2020

Shared experiences and recommendations from TAs


During this session, teaching assistants from across the Faculty shared their promising practices or lessons learned while being a TA for a course taught remotely/online.

Presenters: Vincenzo Di Bacco (Kinesiology) and Volodymyr Slyvka (Psychology)

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