LTS Survey



We're listening!


It’s important for us to understand what inspires and empowers you when using Learning Technologies. Analytics can only take us so far…they show us what you have been doing but say nothing about what you would like to do and what you need from us to be able to do it. Your input, as always, is important to us and helps us shape the path for Learning Technologies.

We've created a couple of surveys that we'd like your help with - our Customer Experience survey will help us figure out how we can better work with you to help you feel supported. The Learning Technologies survey will help us identify how the learning technologies at York are working out for you, are they making you efficient, are you able to use them in the ways that you want to? We’ll also be asking similar questions to your students which will allow us to gain a better sense of how we can help you deliver an awesome course to your students.

We look forward to working with you on this!