Release Notes: We fixed some more bugs

We resolved some bugs on November 7, that didn't require an outage.

  • Implemented a fix that will allow us to re-enrol students to their 2016-17 courses.
  • The left-hand (hamburger) menu will stay hidden or visible depending on how you last used it.
  • The additional checkbox when submitting a Turnitin assignment has been removed.
  • The Turnitin logo in the digital receipt of a submitted document appeared distorted in the new look, this has been corrected.
  • The menu in the Edit column of the Moodle Assignment submission inbox page is no longer hidden behind other columns in the table.
  • In the new look, the section name now appears correctly in the left-hand menu in the Topics, Weekly and Collapsed Topics format. Previously, the left-hand (hamburger) menu would not update the section name set by the user.
  • The Moodle mobile app displays the York red banner after a user logs in.