Get Ready for Summer

Summer is coming, avoid the start of term rush by getting a head start.


1. Moodle Course Request

Don’t forget to take a quick look at our handy checklist so you can make sure your Moodle course is student ready.

2. Interested In Lecture Recording?

You’ll need to request a new profile for each new course offering so that your recordings will automagically appear in your new Moodle course – if you didn’t already indicate that in your Moodle course request no worries, you can do it here:



Some Other Suggestions


You might be wondering how to export and backup grades from your Moodle course so that you can add final grades to SIS. View our step by step instructions.

Did you know you can also backup your course for your portfolio records, or for future courses that you may teach? Take a look at how to backup your course.

Register for an upcoming Moodle Workshop.