Polling - FAQ


What if my student do not have a mobile Device?

Please contact Learning Technology Services at ltshelp@yorku.ca. Hours of operation listed at the bottom of the page.


How do my student participate in class?

Students have two options:


How to Run a Polling Session in iClicker Cloud?

You can conduct polling in your classroom by asking a variety of questions: multiple choise, short answer, numeric, or target questions. Note that questions can be asked anonymously as well. To start a poll you can use one of the two options below:


Don't see your question?

Take a look at the iClicker Cloud Knowledge Base.


How do I get help with iClicker?

We have live Technical Support services available in addition to online iClicker Support :
Monday - Thursday 9AM-11PM EST
Friday 9AM – 9PM EST
Via Phone: 866-209-5698