Release Notes: New Features and Bug Fixes

Release Notes: New Features and Bug Fixes

September 17, 2018

We made a few changes to Moodle in September 2018 to add a couple of new features and address some bugs.


Remediation tab

We added a Remediation tab on the courses dashboard to give students access to Winter and Full Year courses (since they will now appear with the rest of the courses in the Past tab).


Automatic addition of new students into automatically created groups

We've introduced an option when using the ‘Auto-create groups' option that allows an Instructor to opt in to have any new students added to those groups automatically overnight - this should help reduce some of the time spent identifying new students and slotting them into groups during the add and drop period as students are finding their courses.

Database Upgrade

We upgraded database from MySQL version 5.5 to 5.7. This upgrade brings higher performance and improved efficiency.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue where table borders were displaying in the new theme when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Help information is only helpful when the top part of it isn’t cut off - this has been fixed.
  • All elements in the progress bar will now display properly on the overview page.
  • We fixed an issue where for some courses a large bank space was appearing at the top of the course.

Enjoy the start of term!