Step 3: Learning about the Online/Blended Course Design and Development Process

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With the course proposal approved by the AVP Teaching and Learning, the next step is to create a course design. If you haven’t done so before, the best way to start is to take the eLearning @ York course. This course is offered through the Teaching Commons and includes creation of your documented course design. Teaching online involves many considerations that require special knowledge and skills: the eLearning @ York course will introduce you to them. By the end of the course, and in collaboration with the BOLD team, you’ll have created an initial course design document. This course design document will include:

- Learning outcomes
- The structure and sequence of course elements to support those outcomes
- Appropriate activities and assessment tasks

If you’ve already taken the eLearning @ York course, please work directly with your BOLD team on the course design document for your new course.