Step 4: Building Your Course

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A range of specialists on the BOLD team will work with you to build your course, following the goals expressed in your course design document.

The activities you’ll work on with these specialists include:

  • Consultation and selection of tools and technologies in support of your course objectives
  • Transformation of existing content from one format to another
  • Discovery and integration of open educational resources and/or resources that require copyright clearance
  • Creation of original multimedia content (graphics, video resources, simulations, animations)
  • Moodle course development and placement of content within
  • Training on the use of course technologies
  • Assessment of the quality of the resulting course using the resources and changes to address any issues found

A project manager, who is a member of the BOLD team, will be assigned for the construction of your course. The project manager will coordinate group efforts to build a course that implements the documented course design. You, the project manager and other BOLD specialists will plan out how much time and other resources will be allocated to the various elements of the course. As different courses have different kinds of learning outcomes, which in turn require different kinds of course elements, the specific resources created for each course are likely to vary considerably.

Generally, however, you can expect that course development will include:

  • Creating a detailed instructional design – this puts the detailed flesh on the bones of the course design document
  • Constructing an introductory video that introduces you as the Course Director and the goals of the course
  • Constructing a Moodle course with content including assessment instruments
  • Guidance on maintaining your Moodle course during course delivery

You will meet regularly with your BOLD team to keep course construction on track so that when it is time to teach the course, all the elements for the first week – and in some cases the whole course -- will be ready.