Step 5: Delivering Your Course

Step 5 banner

Now you get to work with your students! You’ll get to see how all the elements put together over several months’ work with actual students. Of course, some elements will succeed more than others; the course will be tuned for the next offering or, in some cases, even within this course. In all cases, it’s very important that students are aware of the instructor’s presence, as this is key to successful student engagement – you will have learned all about this during the eLearning @ York course.

When it is time to deliver your course your BOLD team will be standing by to help. The BOLD team will be available for:

  • Troubleshooting support, for example of the operation of your Moodle course
  • Advice and feedback on pedagogical issues that might arise in your course, for example with discussion forums
  • Training TAs to help with course operation, e.g. managing discussion forums
  • Support of creation and analysis of formative evaluations which may identify changes to make for the current offering or to feed into the next step