New features: Assignments and Grading

Assignments & Grading


As we continue our work on improving Moodle, there are a few upcoming changes in fall that you should know about. There are some really great new features and a shiny new interface to introduce you to so we’ve decided to break it down into bite-sized chunks so we don’t overwhelm you!

In this post, we are focusing on some improvements to assignments and grading that we think will make things a little easier for you.



Download Selected Assignments

Need to view assignments anytime, anywhere? You can now download individual assignments for offline viewing and grade them on the bus.



Assignment Deadline

Want to grant an extension for a particular student? Not a problem, adjust a deadline for an individual or group without affecting other students.



Grading Assignments

No more confusion with grading, now everything is all on one screen; annotate over student submissions of different file types and collapse comments in assignments for better readability.



“Grade by” Reminder

Don’t ever forget to grade a submission again, now set a reminder for yourself to grade a submission by a specific time. You will receive notifications based on your preferences set in your Moodle profile.



Specify Assignment File Type

Don’t want your students uploading different file types? Pick the specific file type you want them to submit.



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